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TRB Rating Scales


Book Reviews Rating Scale (from 0-10)

0- Utterly unbearable!
1- You have better things to do with your time.

2- Nope, we won’t push you in that direction.
3- I sincerely doubt that you will like this.
4- One notch below a Five.
5- Flip a coin and/or take a chance (if you dare).
6- Better than a Five.
7- This is alright, despite several flaws.
8- Pretty good: few flaws are present.
9- This is worth the money!
10- DO NOT squander the opportunity to obtain this gem!


There may be moments, in between our writing reviews, that we may share our thoughts on movies, TV shows, and the like.  For those areas lies a 5 point scale:

TRB Rating Scale for TV Shows, Movies, and Webisodes
 (.5 are permitted where needed)

1–I’d rather be getting a root canal than watching or listening to this travesty.

2–This reminds me of a baby pebble in one’s shoe.  It’s not incredibly annoying but just enough of a reminder to be an irritant.

3–I’m straddling the fence.  I’m not overly crazy about it, but it doesn’t warrant being thrown in the temple of disdain, either.

4–Overall, rather good, with splashes here and there for expansion or improvement.

5–Rather engaging and enjoyable.  I’d be crazy not to share with everyone else what an pleasing find this is!  Worth the time and monetary investment.


5 comments on “TRB Rating Scales

  1. Marlowe, Sr.
    November 18, 2013


    I read on a blog that you review fiction. Would you mind reviewing something like:

  2. patrick shenahn
    February 24, 2014

    My publisher, Solstice Publishing, has recommended you as a fair, competent and respected reviewer. I’d like to introduce you to my latest crime thriller TERROR ON HOME SOIL (55k words)
    Not all terrorist wear turbans and cross our borders to attack us. Some are homebred, but are still disloyal to our way of life. That fact became painfully clear when the Alfred P. Murrah Building, housing Federal offices, was destroyed by American terrorists seeking revenge against the government.
    Jason Williams was taught by his father to love his country, but hate its government. Carl Williams, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, with ties to a paramilitary group, passed on his expertise as an explosives expert to his only son. That information, along with classified training manuals supplied to him by an Army friend holding a high government job, made Jason one of the deadliest ordinance experts in the world.
    Jason, along with two friends, form The Save America Society (S.A.S.) They blackmail large corporations by threatening a catastrophic event and if not paid, carry out the threat, followed by the warning of another event if payment isn’t made. His father’s friend and his group (American Freedom Movement) have a far more ambitious agenda; to take control of the United States government with Jason playing a major role.
    Throughout the story line, Frank Label and LuAnn Bonneville, both Federal agents, pursue those involved in the plot. Even though they are excellent investigators they never seem able to follow through on clues and after years they realize that there is mole imbedded high up the command chain that has thwarted their efforts.
    When the ultimate disaster (Freedom Day) is only hours away, Jason is arrested by the agents and shown proof that the whole scheme is a fraud. At that point Jason and the agents realize two things; he is no longer useful to the conspiracy and that his contact is the same government man running the Bureau of Terrorism, homeland division.
    This book was recently released by Solstice Publishing as a kindle read on Amazon books and in the future will be available in print and audio.
    I would deeply appreciate your opinion and hope you will accept my invitation to review this book.
    Patrick Shanahan

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