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TRB: Submission Guidelines and FAQ

Submission Guidelines and FAQ

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Note: The 2016 Year for Review Requests is closed. Any requests will be for intake starting in January 2017.

Intake Freeze is from November 1st – December 31st every year, beginning in 2016.


Greetings!  Thank you for your interest in obtaining a review from The Review Board. Here, we will cover the guidelines and address any questions you may have as it pertains to the process:

1.  What type of genres does The Review Board accept?  Currently, we are accepting all genres. (Yes, this does include poetry, nonfiction and erotica.)

nocharge2.  (a) Does The Review Board charge for reviews? The Review Board does NOT charge for reviews.  If anyone ever says that we have or do, then you are being dealt false information … PERIOD.

(b) Do you participate in review swapping?  The Review Board does not participate in review swapping.  Anyone interested in being reviewed must go through the same process as everyone else.

Clip Art Graphic of a Red Guy Character3. What e-mail address do I use to submit my work? Submit your work at this address:  You do not have to submit your work along with your initial inquiry.

Note: Do not leave your review request on The Review Board’s Facebook wall. It will be deleted, along with your not being in the running for receiving a review. This also applies to any DM’s to The Review Board on Twitter. If you can’t follow the protocol to “get read”, how do you expect to “be read”?

4. What do I include in my request? When contacting The Review Board, please include the following information:

  • Title of publication
  • Author (if editor or publisher submitting on behalf of the author)
  • Genre
  • Word Count/Number of Pages
  • Blurb/Synopsis

If all of the above information is not included in your initial request, you will be rejected.

Note: Please do not include any additional jargon in your email such as: rave reviews, sales sheets, accolades, or press releases that do not include the information we requested. These items are not read and will not influence our review or ranking of your work.

5.  Does The Review Board have a preference in format?  The Review Board accepts electronic formats pdf and mobi only (sorry, we are no longer accepting ePub), as well as paperback. (See Question #8 for details on hard copies).  Any copies not provided in the requested format will be rejected.



6.  What condition should my work be in prior to submission? The condition of your work should be equivalent to your advanced reader copy or the copy you have currently available to your readers.  If your work is riddled with excessive errors or those that may hinder reader enjoyment, they will be pointed out in the review.  It is your responsibility to make sure we have an updated copy of your work and you are free to submit updated copies to us, as long as we have not reviewed your book at that time.  Please do NOT wait until your review is live and then rush to send us a fresh copy so that we will switch your review.  At that point, it is too late.

giftbox7.  May I gift my submission request to you? Since The Review Board has been asked about this, you may gift the submission if you choose.  The only drawback is that everyone may not have an electronic reader, so it could limit getting multiple reviews on your work.

In addition, if you choose to give a Smashwords gift code for TRB to obtain the book, know that only the person utilizing the code (in this case, the admin) would be able to leave the official review on Smashwords.  This may cause a bit of difficulty if your work has multiple people assigned to it.

Keep this in mind if you decide on this as your submission method, and the gift must be in the form of pdf or mobi.

Note: If we are directed to go to a third party website, such as Dropbox, Net Gallery, etc. in order to get our copy, the request will be rejected. You or your representative must be willing to send the copy to our organization directly.


8.  Is The Review Board open to accepting physical copies of the work?  At The Review Board, we understand if some of you would prefer to send hard copies of your work.  If so, that is fine.  Please understand that if you want multiple members of the Board to review your work, you must send multiple copies.  Reason being: not every board member is located in the same area. Please don’t assume that the person reviewing your work has the time to send the book to the next reviewer when he/she is finished.

9.  (a) When I submit my work to The Review Board, can I assume that multiple TRB members will be doing the review?  No, not necessarily.  Unless you specifically request a joint review, you may get just one of us.

(b) Why no “multiple review guarantee”?  Reason being there are periods where some Review Board members may have more time and availability to do the reviews than others.

(c) What if I prefer one member’s review style over another? If you prefer a particular TRB member, specify in your request and we will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability. If that member is unavailable, we will let you know immediately.  More information about our Board can be found on Meet the Board.

10.  Will you take more than one submission from me?  There is a limit of three submissions per year.  (Note: If you submit a trilogy, that counts as three submissions, not one.) Also, unless you request all works are done at the same time, they may not necessarily get done back to back.

11.   Is there a limit on what you will accept in length (book pages)?  

Yes, and it goes as follows:

(a) Any work over 500 pages (or equivalent to over 175,000 words) is rejected.

(b) Work that is between 400-500 pages, we are only taking four total, per year for the organization as a whole.

(c) If your work is not chosen, you will be notified via email that our Large Books quota has been reached.   

Note: If your work was submitted before this rule and on the 2016 TRB Queue, no worries; you will still get reviewed.

12. What if my book is a short one, like 75 pages or so?

If the work is 75 pages or under, then you will be contacted by The Review Board independently in regards to your request.

13. How do I know if I’ve been added to your Queue?

You will receive an email saying jargon such as “Congratulations! Your book has been added to our TRB Queue”. If you do something that changes that status, you will be notified (See Right to Reject section).

14. What happens if the book is removed from the market since the request was sent, but it is already on TRB’s Queue?

(a) We will reach out to the author/publisher informing them of our findings and ask if they want to proceed with having the review done.

(b) If no response is received from the author/publisher we will assume you are no longer interested and will remove your work from our queue.

(c) If the work becomes available again, you must resubmit your review request. However, please keep in mind that you will not gain your original position because we destroy files we do not review.

no-time-48015.  Is there a set turnaround time (time frame) for reviews? Because of the huge amount of requests The Review Board receives, we DO NOT QUOTE a set turn around time.  When you make a request, specify whether you expect a quick turnaround.  The amount of requests before you will determine whether we will be able to honor your request.  If we are unable to grant your request for a quick turnaround, you reserve the right to withdraw your work for review consideration.

16.  What type of rating scale does The Review Board use?  We have a 0-10 scale, with it being as follows:


Rating Scale (.5 will be included as well, if needed)

0- Utterly unbearable!
1- You have better things to do with your time.
2- Nope, we won’t push you in that direction.
3- I sincerely doubt that you will like this.
4- One notch below a Five.
5- Flip a coin and/or take a chance (if you dare).
6- Better than a Five.
7- This is alright, despite several flaws.
8- Pretty good: few flaws are present.
9- This is worth the money!
10- DO NOT squander the opportunity to obtain this gem!

17.  What criteria does The Review Board use for its reviews?  We consider a variety of factors, such as: hook, character, pace/setting, grammar/spelling, mood, conflict, resolution, originality, cover concept and overall enjoyment of the material.

outgoing-email-icon18.  How will I know when the book has been reviewed? Notification will be sent by the administrator to the email address you used to submit your work.  If that email address has changed or is no longer active, it is your responsibility to send us an update. Please do not bombard our inbox with requests for a status report. An abbreviated version of the review will also be posted to Amazon as well as Goodreads.  If you want the review to be placed in other areas, we will try to accommodate; however, we provide you with the direct link so you can advertise and post at will.


19.  If the review is bad, will The Review Board still post it?  Yes, we will.  If there are opportunities for improvement in the submission, those will be pointed out in the review. The Review Board doesn’t do reviews to stroke any one’s ego but to help the writer in any way we can.  We would be doing the writer a grave injustice if we didn’t say things to help in his or her overall development.

20.  If the review is bad, and I talk to you via the website or privately, can The Review Board be persuaded to correct or take down the review?  No.  If you are looking for a site to simply boost your popularity or randomly give high marks “just because”, you’ve come to the wrong spot.

21.  If I reach out to The Review Board (after a critical review) with improved material, are you willing to review it again? Unfortunately, because of our high demand, we will not have the time to re-review your material.

22.  I notice that some of The Review Board members have publications out.  If you do a review for me, will you expect me to review your works as well?  No, it’s not a requirement at all.  If you choose to review any Review Board member’s individual efforts, it will be because you want to.  We would consider it an honor and will await your thoughts, if you decide to do so.


23.  Are there any circumstances where The Review Board will reject my review request? The Review Board does reserve the right to reject your request if it meets the following criteria:

(A) If you are NOT the person who wrote the work.  The only exception to this rule is your publicist, editor, or presenter (if you are the host of an anthology).

(B) If the requests received are from a distribution service (example: press release service). There’s no way for The Review Board to truly tell if the requests came from the author; we’d rather hear from the author him (or her) self in regards to a review.

(C) If there’s a case of mistaken identity in the course of someone submitting a mass e-mail desiring reviews. This includes The Review Board receiving requests that don’t have our name on it or our email address in the “to” field. We don’t have time to ask if you meant to send the email to us nor do we want to erroneously assume. If you know you tend to send requests to a bunch of places, it is YOUR responsibility to tailor your requests appropriately.

(D) If the information needed by TRB in the request is not included (See #4).

(E) If the wrong file of the work is sent (aka doc, docx or ePub).

(F) If we are requested to go through 3rd party means to get the file.

(G) If the work falls under #11, part A.

(H) If your request comes in when we are closed for intake, also referred to as our Intake Freeze.

(I) If you have submitted a request but fail to adhere to the rules in the guidelines (asking of status reports, seeking preferential treatment for your review, if we are contacted after it’s been confirmed you are on the review list, etc.).

(J) If you send the same request for your book multiple times, despite already being notified that you were placed on our “to be read” list.

(K) If you have behaved unprofessionally after we’ve done a review for you.

24.  Do you host giveaways, guest posts, or book tours? Due to time constraints and wanting to focus solely on the art of reviewing, The Review Board does not grant these services.

Blog LogoHowever, we can refer you to All Authors Blog (who will have slots available starting March 2016) via as well as the locations listed below. These sites do not operate on the same protocol as The Review Board, so please pay attention to any restrictions in time slots, genre, etc. upon approach:

Carol Cassada: She is not only an author but also an author advocate. Feel free to email her at for further details.

C. Desert Rose, Author: Please fill out the form on her website.

A Queen’s Ramblings: She does make room at the Royal Table for guests. Please check out this section of her website for more details on how you can visit.

Synful Interludes: This site is hosted by Synful Desire. Please visit this section of her website for details.

25.  If my question was not covered, how do I reach you?  You may submit any other questions you may have to  Or feel free to use the contact form below. We will not answer questions that have been covered in this document.


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  2. Old Things R New
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