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Seeking Spotlight?



So you’re seeking Spotlight? Author Spotlight, that is?

The Review Board is pleased and appreciates your interest. Before you raise your hand and squeal, “Me! Me! Me!”, we want to cover what the Author Spotlight is as well as our process.

1.  What is the Author Spotlight?

The Author Spotlight is the public’s backstage pass to connect with the author. The interview is hosted here. It gives the author the opportunity to get more personal with the readers as well as promote current and future projects.

2.  How often does the Author Spotlight take place?

The Review Board returns to one spotlight per month starting January 2015.

3.  Is the Author Spotlight automatically offered with the review?

No, the Author Spotlight opportunity is not automatically offered with the review. People for the Author Spotlight are chosen.

4.  How is the Author Spotlight selected?

The Author Spotlight selection process is based on a combination of nomination and random selection. Each board member submits a nomination. Those names are shuffled around; from that shuffle, a selection is made.

5.  What criteria determine eligibility?

The criteria consist of the following:

1.  The review has already been posted prior to the month the candidate is being considered for
2.  Favorable rating by TRB (or in the case of a critical review, highlighting of more strengths than weaknesses)
3.  The interaction from the author before, during, and/or after the review process



Let’s say you have been chosen. What happens next?

The Process

Step One: The Review Board admin will notify you that you have been selected and will ask if you are interested.

The Author Spotlight is voluntary; therefore, you can say no. If you aren’t, we stop here.  No harm, no foul! 

If you do accept the nomination, then we will proceed to the next step.

VERY IMPORTANT: If The Review Board had to contact you via Facebook, Twitter, or Goodreads for notification, please provide us with an e-mail address to submit the interview questions.

Step Two: The review questions are sent to you by the interviewer via e-mail with one of The Review Board administrators cc’d on the correspondence. In addition to answering the review questions, please provide any networking information as well as any pictures you’d like used in conjunction with your interview.

The most important part of the correspondence is to note the DUE DATE when all material must be submitted. This DUE DATE will be somewhat in advance to give adequate time for editing and presentation of the interview.

Step Three: In regards to follow-up, the interviewer reserves the right to follow-up on multiple occasions if the deadline is approaching and has not heard back from you on your progress.

If you need more time to complete the questions, you MUST contact the interviewer directly, who will communicate with the administrator to see if the request can be granted.

Step Four: Once all information is in, you will be showcased on the month specified. Once the interview is live, you will be contacted by e-mail and provided the link, so you can promote at will.


Um, seems simple enough. But what happens if I don’t ask for an extension and I don’t get the information submitted in time?

If you fail to get the interview questions in by the date specified, you will not be showcased for that particular month.

In addition,  you will be excluded from The Review Board’s nomination process anywhere from 6 months to ONE year. If you are approached again and repeat the offense, then you will NO LONGER be eligible for the Author Spotlight on The Review Board.


Hey, TRB, I just love you guys!  All of that sounds great, but I’ve got a winning smile, a great personality, and an awesome book!  Can you bend the rules just a little bit?  I have a little cash I can send to your Pay Pal … .

The Review Board cannot be persuaded to detract from our selection process.  Examples are as follows:

1.  Offering of money (like our cute little fan smiley)
2.  You want an interview, but you didn’t submit any work for the team to review.
3.  Your review has yet to be posted.
4.  Your review was rated less than stellar on the website.
5.  Although your review was posted months ago, you are perturbed you haven’t been approached. (There is NO correlation between when your review is posted and when you are selected.)

Any forceful and/or continuous attempts of persuasion will deem you ineligible for interview selection.

We’re not trying to be mean; we just want you to respect the process. (I’ll spare putting up the Eric Cartman “Respect My Authority” video clip.)

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to



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