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Meet The Board


Meet The Board

Here are the faces behind The Review Board and the components they look for when reviewing a particular work:

Harmony Kent (Harmonious One):
All is Expected

This Awesome Indies Approved (AIA) reviewer does profess to wanting it all when it comes to reviewing a book.  Harmony is very flexible to story types (with the exception to loads of blood and gore). She expresses thrill at reading all types of genres and judges not the cover but the content.  Some of the major things she looks for are:

  • Well developed characters
  • Good pacing and plot
  • Good standards on grammar and punctuation (if these are below par, it serves as a great let down in her enjoyment of the book)

Preferred book format: mobi or paperback




Mini Truth:
Eleven Degrees of Full Engagement

Here are the eleven degrees that will determine whether Mini Truth with bubble with enthusiasm or shake her head:

  • Coherence
  • How enjoyable it is
  • Character growth
  • Smoothness in transition
  • Is it simple enough to follow without confusing the reader
  • Originality
  • Well constructed scenes
  • Level of captivity.  Does the story have the ability to entrap the reader?
  • Dialogue, verbiage, and prose.  Is it believable, realistic, and understandable?
  • Level of emotion
  • That the story not have too much unnecessary information/abundance in needless verbiage

Mini Truth isn’t much of a stickler for grammar or punctuation.  She recognizes we are all human and make mistakes and unfortunately, sometimes, do not notice them.  However, when a book is drenched in it–by “drenched”, she means every page is covered with mistakes and typos–due to the obvious lack of editing, she cannot overlook it.

Preferred book format: pdf or mobi

Mini Truth is also host of Other Review Initiative (ORI), Truth on the Side.  These reviews aren’t part of her assigned readings on The Review Board but readings she has done outside of the Board.



Mr. Controversy:
With Detailed Observation
and Honesty For ALL

Mr. Controversy is a pretty simple person:

He looks for Coherence.  He looks for Flaws.  He looks for detail in ALL works (whether it is Poetry, Stories, etc.).  He LOVES to envision himself being at that place in that moment in time.  Most of all, Mr. Controversy looks for something that he would LOVE to have on his bookshelf; something at which that he can look, and smile brightly because it was THAT DAMN GOOD.

He is EXTREMELY Honest when he reviews.

If he LIKES your work, he will let you know.

If he does not Like your work…
Not only will Mr. Controversy REALLY let you know, he will point out more than three examples, correct your work (based on the examples pointed out by his truly), and give your work a Low Score based on The Review Board’s Ten-Star System which He Designed.

Also, Mr. Controversy is very open-minded and will read anything.

Now words directly from the man himself on his biggest pet peeve as well as what he trusts:

“I will quickly trust a one or two star review OVER a three through five star review on other websites. Those who have reviewed books THAT LOW are from reviewers who see that the work is not done well, and it prepares me mentally for what to expect from the writer.

My BIGGEST Pet Peeve is when I (or any of The Ladies of TRB) do a review and we are HONEST with our reviews and opinions, the author of the work complains about the review that THEY SOUGHT OUT with us.

Preferred book format: pdf, paperback, or hardcover

Mr. Controversy also serves as host of Other Review Initiative (ORI),  The Corners of Controversy.  This segment includes books and other things Mr. Controversy chooses to cover outside The Review Board.



No Labels Unleashed:
Stunning Captivating Original Readable Edutainment

What does the Unleashed one seek in a story?  Elements that accomplish the S.C.O.R.E.!

  • Have her at the hook!
  • Go beyond the typical: Is the narrative presented in a way that deems it a “Stand Out” as opposed to a “Blend In”?
  • Dynamic, engaging characters that exhibit growth
  • Smooth pace and plot progression
  • Syncopation between down times and conflict
  • Endings that match the story’s overall ambiance
  • Theme(s) brimming with substance and soul
  • Well conveyed dialogue that is easy to follow (with historical reads, accuracy in the dialect)
  • Great detail in physical descriptions of characters and locations without it overtaking the action
  • Good punctuation and grammar (if the mistakes are excessive then it does take away from her enjoyment of the book)
  • Alignment of cover concept and content (if it seems too off balance, she may comment but it might not necessarily be a deterrent, depending on the strength of the story)

Preferred book format(s): Love physical copies when available, pdf or mobi

No Labels Unleashed also hosts two Other Review Initiatives (ORI): Kindle App (and paperback) Random Robin (KARR) and The Fame and the Shame (TFTS).

1.  Kindle App Random Robin (KARR):  The Kindle App (and paperback) Random Robin are reads purchased by No Labels Unleashed or someone randomly sent a work to her individually to review.  These are performed as time permits in her busy schedule.

2.  The Fame and the Shame:  The Fame and the Shame was created by No Labels Unleashed based on her experiences with customer service, retail and the like.  She’s not only been on the customer side, but has spent many years being on the management side.

Smiley Face

We hope this helps not only in your selection of reviewer (if you opt to do selection as opposed to random) but also gives you a glimpse in what your work will be measured by.


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