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Okay, confession.  I did like to check out the reviews of critics when it came to movies and books  that were out.  In some cases, the critics were dead on and in other instances, I wondered, “What type of thing did they see which I couldn’t see?”

Sometimes, the very things the critics gave the worse rep to became the driving force for a person to wonder, “Just how bad is this thing?” There have even been times where the critics’ worst have been the public’s best; I have always found those moments fascinating.

Then, I was like, “Why don’t I just do my own Review Board?”  People tend to seek out my opinion on lots of things, mostly on writing, since my main passion is writing.  I do like movies and TV shows.  I also tend to share my thoughts or recommendations on products and services.

Over time, I decided to expand The Review Board.  There are so many things to review, plus it seems weird to have a Board with just one person.

Hence the introduction of the rest of The Review Board members.  More on their style of reviewing and what they seek can be found on Meet the Board.

Thanks in advance for the visit!


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  1. Jessa Callaver
    March 4, 2013

    I was just wondering how one goes about having their published story reviewed on the site? Thanks.
    Jessa Callaver (

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