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Harmony Kent Speaks on Emperor Honorius


Emperor Honorius by Brandon M. Thomas

Note: This work was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Since this was submitted, the work is no longer available for publication. However, the review has been done anyway and Harmony Kent is happy to share her thoughts.

Harmonious Kent

Harmonious Takes

This is an academic work about, perhaps, the most misunderstood emperor of the Roman Empire. It chronicles the life of Emperor Honorius, credited with the Sack of Rome and the abandonment of Britain; both of which led to him being branded as feeble and weak. This book purports to offer a new and short history of the life and reign of the Western Roman Emperor Honorius.

First of all, I am no scholar or expert on anything Roman or Roman Empire related, and so cannot comment on the accuracy of the content. However, the author does provide references and source material to which the reader can refer.

At 108 pages, or thereabouts, this does, indeed, prove a short read. Unfortunately, it stumbles over grammar and punctuation more often than not. The poor comma was never meant for the arduous job of separating completely independent clauses. Rather a semi-colon or a whole new sentence would be best, as in the following example:


‘The appointment of a child helped to cement the political uselessness of the consul’s office, strangely it did not affect the office’s prestige, being the highest office a Roman could hold outside the Imperial family.’


The first clause runs from ‘the appointment’ through to ‘office’, and at this point, a new sentence or alternative punctuation is required, following which would come ‘strangely’. Either that or a joining word is needed, such as ‘and’. Other errors abound with missing apostrophes, missing punctuation, and grammatical hiccups, as well as a lack of consistency in capitalisation.

This work should never have made it into book form in this state. While it is readable, and events seem linear, I just could not get into it.

Harmony (and TRB) Verdict


It gets 2 out of 10 TRB stars from me, which equates to 1 out of 5 stars on other rating scales and means, ‘Nope, we won’t push you in that direction.’

Thanks for checking out The Review Board. Have a terrific day.


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