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Harmony Kent Speaks on An Incredible Talent for Existing: A Writer’s Tale


An Incredible Talent for Existing: A Writer’s Story by Pamela Jane
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Note: This work was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Memoir

Blurb (courtesy of

It is 1965, the era of love, light and revolution. While the romantic narrator imagines a bucolic future in an old country house with children running through the dappled sunlight, her husband plots to organize a revolution and fight a guerrilla war in the Catskills.

Their fantasies are on a collision course.

The clash of visions turns into an inner war of identities when the author embraces radical feminism; she and her husband are comrades in revolution but combatants in marriage; she is a woman warrior who spends her days sewing long silk dresses reminiscent of a Henry James novel. One half of her isn’t speaking to the other half.

And then, just when it seems that things cannot possibly get more explosive, her wilderness cabin burns down and Pamela finds herself left with only the clothes on her back.

From her vividly evoked existential childhood (“the only way I would know for sure that I existed was if others lots of others acknowledged it”) to writing her first children’s book on a sugar high during a glucose tolerance test, Pamela Jane takes the reader along on a highly entertaining personal, political, and psychological adventure.


Greetings everyone and welcome to The Review Board. Today, we share our views on An Incredible Talent for Existing: A Writer’s Story by Pamela Jane. Without further delay, Harmony Kent, take it away!

Harmonious Kent

Harmonious Takes

The writer of this memoir is a children’s author. Here, she chronicles her trials and tribulations that led to her, eventually, realising her dream of being a writer. Growing up in the 50s and 60s, Pamela never felt as though she fitted in or had a place in the world. For a long time, she drifted and followed the whims of her peers. Then came the point at which she could no longer ignore her inner prompting. This life story is about the coming of age of a young woman in the 60s.

If you have an interest in the 60s and all they brought, then you will find this a fascinating read. Despite the love-and-light attitudes, strong judgements still abounded, and if you didn’t comply, you were cast out. And what business does an old-fashioned romantic have getting embroiled in minimalism, revolution, and guerrilla wars?

The memoir is interesting and well paced and holds the reader’s attention. It is well laid out and linear, making it easy to follow. Despite a few hiccups (partially edited sentences where both options of wording appear), it shows good spelling and has well-structured sentences. In parts, it grows a bit tedious with the interior monologue of a confused young woman, but otherwise is an enjoyable enough read.

Harmony’s Verdict (as well at TRB)


It gets a steady 8 out of 10 TRB stars from me, which means ‘Pretty good: few flaws are present’ and equates to 4 out of 5 stars on other rating scales.

Thanks for checking out The Review Board. Enjoy the rest of your day!


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