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Mr. Controversy Speaks on The Magical Third Rail


The Magical Third Rail: A Retrospective by Archibald Bolverk Rothschild
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Genre: Literary Fiction


An experimental novel best described as late-night channel surfing through the mind of a homeless man. A highly inaccurate portrait of life in New York City during 2015. You’ll find that no one in this book is sane or acts anything like an actual human being would. The situations portrayed run the gamut from the somewhat implausible to the entirely absurd.


Hello and welcome to The Review Board. As always, thanks for stopping by. Today TRB has Mr. Controversy taking an inside look at The Magical Third Rail: A Retrospective by Archibald Bolverk Rothschild. Without further ado, here are Mr. Controversy’s thoughts. Enjoy.

Mr. ControversyControversial Takes

“The Magical Third Rail: A Retrospective” by Archibald Bolverk Rothschild is 293 PDF pages long … on my phone, that is. His story revolves around Michael Ambrose, the victim of a horrific third-rail touching subway accident, after getting knocked down on the tracks during the early morning New York City rush hour. Detectives Patrick O’Reilly and Danny Rivera are tasked with finding out what really happened to Michael Ambrose.

Other characters include Verdant Gaia-Pangea who is Michael’s “free-spirited” girlfriend and who has a penchant for getting what she wants when she wants it. The Ambrose Family are also a part of the tale and they are grieving the loss of their son—each grieving in their own way. There are also a host of others who have a degree of relationship with either Michael or Verdant.

As the Ambrose family tries to make heads or tails of the loss of their son, Mr. Ambrose has ulterior motives for his surviving son and daughter. Mrs. Ambrose has a vendetta against Verdant who taunts Mrs. Ambrose at every turn. Verdant revels and craves the attention that she is getting from Mrs. Ambrose and continually reminds Mrs. Ambrose about the lawsuit levied against her.

Meanwhile, Detectives O’Reilly and Rivera know that their behinds are on the line if a satisfactory conclusion is not reached regarding the mysterious crime that sealed Michael’s fate. O’Reilly is teetering on buffoonery as he conjures up half-baked conspiracy theories that he believes are crazy enough to work. Detective Rivera tries to be the voice of logic and reason much to the dismay of Detective O’Reilly as they sleuth their way to answers about Michael’s death.

An array of other characters are included. Like, the undertaker of Michael’s funeral, who fulfilled a VERY ODD request from Verdant after it was discovered that Verdant and Michael had a deal that Verdant would head the Final Arrangements helm, much to the displeasure and disapproval of Mrs. Ambrose. His fulfillment of Verdant’s requests went … rewarded. That is the BEST description I can offer. Michael’s friend Sei Jaw makes a terrible drinking decision which directly violates multiple codes of friendship conduct in about one hour’s time.

This is a story that views multiple points of view. Multiple people feel regret about not cultivating a better relationship with him. Others jumped on and capitalized on opportunities when his death occurred. The thoughts of the many paints a story that shows Michael as a martyr, or cannon fodder for personal gain.

With that being said, there were multiple spelling errors, missing quotation marks, and many opportunities where italics to indicate thought could have been utilized. The story needs a bit more care in development despite it keeping my attention. Extra eyes are indeed necessary for “TMTRAR” for there is potential for this satirical story in order to have more bite and keep the reader’s teeth sunk in between the covers.


Survey Says: 6.5 out of 10 Stars.


Archibald Bolverk Rothschild’s “The Magical Third Rail: A Retrospective” is a character study, and the true character of the many are shown via the death of a friend, love, family member and an ordinary everyday guy. It sent shockwaves rippling through many lives. If more care is taken in this book, Mr. Rothschild would have something great on his hands.


Well, there you have it folks. Thank you Mr. Controversy for your thoughts on “The Magical Third Rail: A Retrospective”. Thank YOU dear reader for having stopped by. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share. Have a wonderful day.


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