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Mini Truth Speaks on I Came to Find a Girl


I Came To Find a Girl by Jaq Hazell
Amazon Author Page | Goodreads

Genre: Fiction Thriller

Abbreviated Blurb:

“I was happy to hear Flood was dead. I wasn’t as happy as I thought I’d be, but I was happy all the same.”

A complex game of cat and mouse in the seedy streets of Nottingham ends in death. Young artist Mia Jackson is compelled to watch the posthumous video diaries of Jack Flood – controversial bad boy of the London art world and convicted serial killer. Can Mia allow Drake Gallery to show Aftermath, in their retrospective of his work? Muse or victim, why was she allowed to survive?


Greetings and welcome to The Review Board. As always, thanks for stopping by. Today on The Review Board Mini Truth gives you her thoughts on “I Cane To Find a Girl” by Jaq Hazell. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Mini, take it away.

Mini TruthTruthful Takes

You ever read a book that just didn’t do it for you no matter how highly regarded it was by others? One I could think of off the top of my head was “50 Shades of Grey” although it isn’t the same genre as this book. I honestly felt broken when I completed it because I thought to myself, “How could something be so gushed over by others, yet leave me wanton?”

But, there it is. I think that is the phrase of the day … this book left me wanton, but not in a good way.

Please permit me a moment of your time so that I can expand on the premise of the book

cooltext171862076142797Mia Jackson, the heroine, tells a tale of ominous mystery via present occurrences and past circumstances. Mia is an artist and it seems that it’s her artistic mind that guides her thoughts and consequently, her actions. Mia decided that it would be interesting to look into the life of a not quite notorious serial killer named Jack Flood via his video diaries.

Soon girls start coming up dead, and Mia’s her close friend Jenny disappears. Mia starts to fear for her life as her current home is located in the sketchy and dangerous area of Nottingham.

“I Came To Find a Girl” is a whirlwind of anger and friendship, fear and creativity, disgust and despair.

cooltext171865152117275Perhaps my notion of a clever spin on mystery is vastly different than others. If I were to be completely honest, I fell asleep every time I opened the book to read it. That’s never a good sign for a mystery thriller.

While the writing was easy, the narrative was confusing. In other words, while the author’s writing was good and easy to follow, the premise in and of itself was confusing. When you add to that my disdain for the main character, the lack of lead in when going from past to present and no real separators to indicate differential in time and place, one is left with a hunk of information that one can’t make heads or tales from.

Also, perhaps it is just a me thing, but I found the constant repetition of the title as a catchphrase highly annoying.

At any rate, I suppose it comes down to personal preference, as I can’t necessarily speak on syntax and such. With that said, I simply could not get into this book. Reading it, for me, was like pulling teeth. Just not my cup of tea.

Survey Says, 4 TRB Stars. This will translate into 2 Stars elsewhere.


Well, there you have it folks. Four out of a potential ten TRB stars. Thanks again for stopping by. Don’t forget to like, follow and subscribe. Have a wonderful day.


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