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Harmony Kent Speaks on The Backward Time Traveler

the-backward-time-travelerThe Backward Time Traveler by Parker Rimes
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Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Science Fiction


Keera Miles, a psychic, has a mission. To travel back 200 years and rescue a sacred stone from a Sioux tribe before it’s lost forever.
She teams up with an annoying, cynical reporter Zach Bones. Not that he believes her story, but, because he’s hiding from a loan shark, because he needs a good story and because Keera is so gorgeous, he agrees to help her.
The ingenious, twisty plot follows the pair as they adapt to Indian bodies; become trapped in a ferocious Crow raid, and their plan to snatch the stone from the wily and ruthless Red Leaf grows increasingly desperate.
When they flee back to the present, they find they have swapped one nightmare for a worse one.


Good day and welcome to The Review Board. Hope your new year is off to a good start. Today The Review Board brings you the thoughts of Harmony Kent on The Backward Time Traveler by Parker Rimes. So, let’s not tarry any longer and get to the meat of that matter, shall we? Harmony, take it away.

Harmonious Kent

Harmonious Takes

Keera Miles is a psychic with a mission, given to her by her spirit guide, to travel back in time 200 years to retrieve a sacred stone. She does this by taking over the body of a Sioux native of the time. Cynical reporter, Zach Jones, gets roped in, not least in an attempt to avoid the consequences of owing three-hundred large to a dangerous loan shark.

The story starts with a psychic and out-of-body experience, throwing the reader right into the main character’s abilities without preamble. As this forms the whole basis of the book, it renders the title inaccurate as no time travel takes place, not in the usual sense of the term. Along the same lines, the book cover also doesn’t convey the contents all that well.

Okay, on to the actual content …

I wanted to enjoy this read, I really did, but the lack of finesse in its execution put a halt to that. Poor grammar and punctuation let it down throughout, as well as nonsensical sentence constructions such as:

‘Bardo taking Maxworthy’s place on the sofa.’

 ‘A couple hours later the reporter at her door relaxed and confident, reading her like she was reading him.’

Seriously? A random collection of words does not a sentence make. Generally, a subject and object would be useful, not to mention using the odd comma now and then. Add to this the telling and descriptive dialogue tags that repeat what has just been shown and the passive writing, and it makes for an arduous read. And then we have:

‘He stared into the floor.’

Last I knew, you cannot stare ‘into’ a solid floor, only ‘at’ it or ‘toward’ it.

One redeeming quality is the humour that runs through the narrative and offers some entertainment and light relief.

Enough said. This book was not for me, much as I like the strange and different. I give it five out of ten TRB stars, which means, ‘Flip a coin and/or take a chance (if you dare).’ This equates to 2.5 out of 5 stars on other rating scales, which I round up to 3 for rating purposes.


Well folks, there you have it. Thanks again for dropping by. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. Have a wonderful day.


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